World’s first 1000-Core Processor

Scientists have unveiled the world’s first 1000-processor microchip, called KiloCore, which is capable of working through 1.78 trillion instructions every second. Each of those 1000 processors can run independently, which makes the chip suited to intensive tasks like encryption and weather forecasting. With some low-energy engineering, it can be powered by only one AA battery. Because each processor can turn on and shut down independently of the others, it is about 100 times more efficient at executing instructions than today’s laptops, according to the researchers who developed it at University of California, Davis, USA, and IBM.


Today’s top-end smartphones have quad- or octa-core processors in them, so this is more than a 100-fold increase in terms of the number of cores. The more the cores, the more tasks you can get through simultaneously. While that does not make much of a difference for things like Facebook or Spotify, it can significantly boost supercomputer-level processing.