World’s fastest supercomputer is made in China

Sunway TaihuLight, the world’s fastest supercomputer, is entirely made in China and does not rely on American processors. Instead, it relies on the locally-made Shen-Wei processor and custom interconnect called Sunway Network. The supercomputer establishes Chinese dominance on super computing technology.


Sunway TaihuLight is currently functional at National Super computing Center at Wuxi near Shanghai, China. Its primary job is to help with top-notch engineering and research in climate and
weather-related calculations, advanced biological and geological research and in manufacturing and Big Data analytics.

SW26010 is a 260-core microchip that cranks a little over three teraflops. TaihuLight has one such processor in each of the 40,960 nodes, allowing the machine to reach 125-peak petaflops. Linpack mark leaves out a couple of petaflops to mark 93 petaflops performance.