World Top Celebrities – Fans wanted to Sleep with!

We all have a list of people we’d sleep with if given a chance, regardless of your relationship status, and chances are most of those people celebrities. There’s no way you don’t think.

I’d love to just have one night with Her/ Him. So, who’s on the list? According to the survey conducted to over 6,000 people to see who’s the most desired celebrity in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

United State of America
1. Kim Kardashian – Deny it or what we’ve all seen the Video. We know what she’s capable of.


2. Scarlett Johansson


3. Mila Kunis


4. Ariana Grande


5. Beyonce


6. Kaley Cuoco


7. Sofia Vergara


Now for The United Kingdom,
1. Kate Middleton – Now I understand someone wanted to plant there flag too


2. Emma Watson


3. Kelly Brook


4. Kiara Knightley


5. Charlotte Crosby


6. Kate Moss (Picture is in Early 90’s)


7. Sienna Miller


Here we go Canada,
1. Avril Lavigne – in Canada she’d top in the list..hmm! they love rock!


2. Nina Dobrev


3. Shay Mitchell


4. Emmanuelle Chriqui


5. Emily Vancamp


6. Ellen Page


7. Rachel McAdams


Now in Brazil,
1. Anitta


2. Juliana Paes


3. Fernanda Lima


4. Alexandra Ambrosio


5. Adriana Lima


In Europe,
1. Olga Kurilenko – This Bond Actress is Top in the list


2. Miss Universe and Ms.Hungary 2010, Babinyecz Tímea


3. Victoria Secret Model Elsa Hosk


4. Monica Bellucci


5. Alizee


6. Georgia Palmas


7. Katarina Ivanovska


For Australia,
1. Margot Robbie


2. Elle Mapherson


3. Jessica Gomes


4. Miranda Kerr


5. Rachael Taylor


6. Sophie Monk


7. Ms. Australia Jennifer Hawkins


New Zealand,
1. Lorde


2. Hayley Holt


3. Anna Paquin


4. Emma Lahana


5. Stella Maxwell


If you have suggestion for, that should be listed here. Please comment and let see who got the more Up Vote.