Why should you be preparing meals?

The benefits of eating home cooked fresh meals far outweigh the effort it takes to prepare them. When you plan and prep your meals you tend to:

Cheat Less – When you prep meals, you learn to purchase those items that are on the grocery list, this helps keeps those  little moments of weakness/ impromptu buys under control.

Saves money –  An average lunch cost 5 to 10 dollars per meal. This can get quite expensive if you eat out everyday. If you spend some time planning your meals the night before, not only will you eat  healthy, you will also save quite a bit of money each week on lunches and dinners alone.

Reduces wastage – Did you know, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year – Approx. 1.3 billion tonnes – get lost or wasted. Prepping meals means that you can plan ahead to reduce food wastage.

Saves time – meal prepping helps you stay consistent and on track with healthy eating and also, gives you more time in the evenings to do whatever you want besides rushing into cook!

Helps meet your fitness goals – planning our meal ahead of time teaches you to portion control and how to fuel your body with wholesome nutritious food so that you can continue to work out and chase your fitness goals.

Offers variety – eating the same meal can get monotonous prepping meals allows you to plan in advance and also experiment with new recipes which can be a new way to add a bit of variety to your palette.