W H A T W O U L D H A P P E N T O Y O U I F W E T A K E A W A Y T H E J E E P N E Y S ?

The LFThummer-h3RB has been pushing to phase-out public
utility vehicles that have been in commission for 15
years and longer to decongest traffic in the metro.
While this proposition is only in its drafting stage
and has no probably date of implementation, it has
worried groups like Alliance of Concerned Transport
Organizations (ACTO), which have held multiple
strikes to protest the proposition.
Haves: The public transportation here in the
Philippines has to be remodeled. I believe that the
use of jeepneys as one of the major modes of
transportation has outlived its usefulness. In more
‘civilized’ countries, more than half of the population
uses the train systems and most of them even just
walk to the stations most of the time. I’d rather just
take out my car on weekends and take the subway
going to work if public transport was only safer and
more convenient.Atty. ericson ang, president of bMW car club of
the philippines.

Have-notes: Ano na’ng gagawin naming mga
matatanda? Paano kami maghahanap ng trabaho eh
hindi nga kami tinatanggap?
antonio kampanyero, 65 years old, jeepney
driver for over two decades