What Can You Do with a Blacklisted UK O2 Tesco iPhone or Android Phone?

Buying a second hand iPhone or Android phone is one of the main options that most people have. It saves you a lot of money and time and at the same time helps you get a particular model that you couldn’t otherwise afford.

Besides the advantages that you get, there’s likelihood of buying a blacklisted UK O2 iPhone or Android phone. This makes your phone device useless and at the same time puts you at the risk of getting a knock from the police.

The UK just like other countries of the world has been blacklisting iPhone and android devices reported as lost or stolen. However, if this had already happened and you don’t have another option, there are several things you can do with your blacklisted UK O2 iPhone or android phone.

Get help from the owner to remove it from the blacklist

The fact is that the only person who can remove the phone from the blacklist is the first owner. What this means is that if you bought the phone from the first hand, it’s very easy to contact them for assistance.

If you bought UK O2 iPhone or android phone from Craigslist or other classified listing, then you may not be able to contact the owner so you have no other option than keeping the iPhone.

Use it with WiFi

If there’s no way you can unlock the phone or even get it back to the owner, then you can use the phone with WiFi. As a matter of fact, the phone will be blacklisted with the original carrier and hence you cannot make calls or send texts but you can access internet services using WiFi.

Unlock it and later sell it

This is the option that comes if you decide to keep the blacklisted iPhone. In fact you should just unlock it and sell it to foreigners especially tourists at a lowered rate.

The good thing is that in most of the cases, the iPhone will only be blacklisted locally and hence foreigners can use it on another soil. There are several tools that you can use in this case. You can choose the sim unlock services or just get another tool to help you unlock the phone.

Replacing the IMEI chip

This is another method that works perfectly with older iPhone and android devices. However, we are not very sure that it can work perfectly with this model but you can try it for the android phone.

This process is very easy; you are just supposed to replace the IMEI chip that stores all the ESN/IMEI information. Modern iPhone devices such as the UK O2 iPhone have more complex chip but you can try.

The bottom line

Just know there are several other things you can do with your blacklisted UK O2 iPhone or android phone. You can even decide to use it as a game console or even donate it to charity.

Some of the tactics shared above are not limited to iPhone devices only but can as well work perfectly with blacklisted Android smartphones.

The last option which is more practical and cost effective is to use an unbarring service for UK O2 Tesco smartphones