Websites and Fringe blogs generated over 8.7 million shares on Facebook

Top 20 false stories from hoax websites and fringe blogs generated over 8.7 million shares on Facebook.”

We cannot pin everything on Facebook and other social media platforms. Because their algorithms are tweaked to show us stories that we can engaged with, you are going to see more stories with a particular partisan slant if you only click on similar articles. Every time you click on a story that conforms to your personal views, you are adding an additional brick to an echo chamber of your own making.

What’s more, we are more likely to have like-minded friends and family as well, further contributing to a self-reinforcing loop of homogenous perspectives. In fact, a 2015 study by Facebook researchers found that user actions, and not any personalization algorithm, was the primary factor in the creation of digital echo chambers. Of course, any study conducted by Facebook itself requires a pinch of salt, but it still serves to drive home the fact that we can make our own conscious decisions to tear down intellectual walls and be more open to differing views. Seeing the point of other views have to offer makes us less susceptible to stories with an extreme partisan or ideological bias, as most fake articles do. Even if they do not show up less often on your social media feed, you will hopefully find yourself less inclined to believe them immediately.

Meanwhile, you won’t believe what happened:

FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email leaks
Found DEAD in Apparent Murder-Suicide.
Wikileaks Confirms Hillary Sold Weapons to iSiS…
then Drops Another Bomb Shell!
Cnn: “Drunk Hillary” Beat SH*t out of Bill Clinton on Election night
Ireland is now officially Accepting trump refugees From America.
Donald Trump: if i Were to run, i’d run as A republican. they’re the Dumbest group of voters in the Country.
They Believe Anything on Fox news. i Could lie And they’d Still Eat it up. i Bet My numbers Would BE terrific.

*(All of these headlines, which spread all over the internet, are false.)