Underwater robot to combat Terrorism

Saab, a Swedisaab-sea-robotsh aerospace and defense company, has invented a remotely-operated vehicle known as Sea Wasp. This artificial-intelligence-powered robot, which relocates, identifies and neutralizes underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs), has been designed to combat below-the surface terrorism.

According to Bert Johansson, sales director of Underwater Systems within Saab business area dynamics, “Sea Wasp is a hybrid of pre-existing Saab technologies that can now be applied to an urgent worldwide need. Underwater explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) is a rapidly-growing niche around the world, and Sea Wasp’s capabilities correspond to that niche.” Currently, most underwater IED threats are disposed of manually by trained EOD divers. Sea Wasp is operated remotely by two-people teams, allowing for a safe distance between operators and IEDs.