Top 10 Invention of 2017

The Top Invention of 2017

10. Self Lacing Shoes $720

Those amazing shoes worn by Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” are finally a reality, as Nike has released the Hyperadap 1.0. These shoes automatically tighten or loosen up with the touch of a button, which is great for athletes, but also for the disabled community.


9. Solar Secret Roof – by Tesla Company

Tesla and Solarcity have created the Solar Roof, which is a series of tiles designed to blend together and power your home, all while looking good at the same time.


8. Smart Alarm Clock $149

This simple and sleek little clock not only wakes you up, but it will also help improve your sleep quality by gauging light, temperature, air quality and humidity in your sleep area in an effort to create the perfect sleep environment. It even monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you at the best possible time.


7. Mavic Pro – DJI $999

This drone, which is sleek, lightweight and foldable but it still has some of the best specs. available, including a 4K camera, obstacle-avoidance capability, and subject-tracking technology.


6. Artificial Pancreas

Diabetes is about to get easier for those who are insulin dependent, thanks to the Minimed 670g, which attaches to your body and automatically reads your blood-sugar level every five minutes, and then either withholds or provides insulin as needed.


5. Prosthetic Arm of Kids

This arm has been designed to help children who have lost an arm be able play. It comes with a hand but the hand can also be switched out for other toy-like attachments, all of which are designed to work with Legos.


4. Apple Wireless Head Phone $159

Apple’s new Airpods offer some unique features that make them stand out. You can listen to music, but they also come with microphones so you can control your phone with your voice and they can even detect when they are in your ears. Plus, they automatically pair with your iPhone.


3. Amazon Talking Speaker $180

This Amazon smart speaker answers your questions and can also help you with several chores around the house, like turning off lights, calling a cab or ordering some pizza.


2. Smart Thermometer $40

Arc InstaTemp makes taking a temperature a piece of cake with its infrared technology. Now you don’t even have to touch your forehead to get a reading. Just place it an inch away from the subject and you get an instant, accurate.


1. Playstation VR

PlayStation VR, which at only $400 works with the Sony PlayStation 4 and offers millions a great VR experience.