According manila-streetto Senator Allan Peter Cayatano’s opening statement in the Senate Probe session on Extrajudicial Killings, a total of 2.49 billion pesos worth of drugs has been confiscated by PNP representatives. There have been at least 756 killed
drug suspects in the first 54 days of the current government administration.

Haves: I’ve known about it since I was in highschool. I’ve never touched the stuff because I’ve seen what
they can do. I hate my parents for bringing me and my siblings into this fucking mess. I’m glad we have
family in the US that are willing to take us in because I know “they” are coming for my parents soon. I’ve seen armed men lurking outside our house allan*, a philosophy graduate from ateneo de Manila university is from a family of drug dealers.
through his connections in the PNP, he found out that he himself was a part of the “list” of suspected drug dealers in his barangay.

Have-notes: Dapat naman talaga mamatay yang mga adik na yan para maging ligtas sa lugar namin.
Hindi naman sa gusto kong may mamatay pero may magagawa pa ba kami? Ang tagal-tagal na niyang
nakatira sa amin at nanggugulo pero binabayaran lang daw nila yung pulis para pabayaan sila. nora*, a mother filing a sexualharassment complaint against their neighbor who was a suspected drug pusher in their neighborhood.