Super Model Kate Moss Computer hacked Again

Super Model Kate Moss’s nude photo have been stolen again.

The images were part of a set of sets of photo Moss posted in 2011. They we’re among dozen of private images she commissioned to celebrate getting married to a rocker Jamie Hince, from whom she has split.


The images are thought to have been hacked from here computer. It is believe they are now being shared among people on their phones. It comes just four months after private images from the star 2016 birthday celebrations were leaked online. A source said: Kate will be fuming about this. Even though she has now split from Jamie, this set of photos is still really close to her heart and they are very, very private.

Kate is obviously no stranger to getting her clothes off for her photo-shoots, but this images were different. Some were meant only to been seen by Jamie, and the rest were close family and friends and have never been released. It’s disgusting hackers can get away with this for the second time in four months. She is now looking into ways of increasing her online security.