Nexus Android 7.1.1 leak

Rumors: Android 7.1.1 Heading to Nexus on December 6th

Google post out the final developer preview of Android 7.1.1 this past week, they did also note that the stable update will be heading out on December 6th. Now this sounds about right, as it is the first Tuesday of the month.

Google pushes out monthly security update will likely be included in this Update (No Surprises there).  On top of all this rumors, it appears that the google assistant wont be included in the android 7.1.1 update. Keeping it exclusive to the top google pixel and pixel XL.

For those users own Nexus 6 and will were hoping to get android 7.1.1 for your device, it appear more likely. That means it ins’t yet confirmed. but it should be available with for the device. Considering the Nexus 9 has been getting the developer previews, and it lunch to Nexus 6.

The Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X  will definitely getting the Update, as they have been part of the developer preview. As far as features go, there won’t be much different  from the second developer preview. Some of the Unique features are staying unique to the  Pixel XL include the ner navigation buttons, and the google assistant. It’s also like that the finger print sensor  will also remains on the pixel devices. Of course more emoji is coming on Android 7.1.1.

Now keep in mind that this is only rumor and should be treated as such. But what we do know that the update is coming in December, so it does seem fairly likely.

Source: Tweeter