Former Mayor Of Albuera Leyte Rolando Espinosa has been killed inside jail cell November 05, 2016

Drug war is really getting tough in Philippines.

One of the high profile drug lord Mayor Rolando Espinosa of Albuera Leyte, has been killed in the police custody this Saturday November 05,2016.
As per the police report, the warrant is being served in his jail cell around 4 am, Espinosa together with his inmate Raul Yup fired shots towards the police officer.
According to Supt. Marcos “Espinosa & Yup are the first one who fired our men, so our men fired back which results to death of the two suspect”

Espinosa is one the politicians named by President Rodrigo Duterte who are involved in illegal drug trade. His death gives a lot of speculation who might be the mastermind
of killing him.

He was supposed to reveal some known individuals who are involved as well in drug trade, not just a normal person but a high profile as well, such as senator, congressmen and police. But due to fear for his life & family’s security he changed his mind.

Senator Lacson is convinced that there is extra judicial killing involved in this incident, as per  Sup. Marcos they will continue the investigation further.