Places to Visit in Armenia

During Our Last Visit in Armenia 9.16.2016, I took a picture of the List of Places we visited. This list is from the apartment where we stay…



This was printed by the owner of  the Apartment. You can call or email them if you’re interested to stay on there apartment.

My Suggestion, about travelling to this places is by using taxi, we save 2000 to 5000AMD, but be careful not all of them are good and hard to find someone who can speak English…that is actually our big we just ask the care taker of the apartment to find good taxi to drive us to those places…

Anyway, the best way to communicate with them is by using google translate apps. We type in English then translated to Armenian or Russian language and …here we go…









Here, We went to Garni its just 1 hour from our Apartment and get taxi just outside the building, the normal price of taxi here is 20,000AMD but we ask for discount and get it for 16,000AMD.

















We love the Sevan Lake and the restaurant is very cheap too. After is the Cable way in Tsahkazor we add 10,000AMD to go there from Sevan. So the Total Price of Travel is 25,000AMD + 10,000AMD= 35,000AMD so we save 15,000AMD.

Guys, They working per hour here so please take note on that…that’s why you see hours on the prices…















If you’re thinking about the Prices of individual places are Expensive…They are not.

Or if you have something about to ask let me know. Just post a comment Below.