Newly Discovered for this coming National Day: Camping at Dubai Al Qudra Lakes

Want to feel away from the busy city of Dubai not spending thousands of bucks?
Seems impossible as Dubai is known for being expensive and luxurious. But don’t loose hope, you can still enjoy with a minimal cost.
Why not convince your friends to have a camping? Take advantage of the good weather and enjoy the not so far camp site in Dubai.
Where? It’s in Al Qudra lake. It is man made lake in the middle of the Saih Al Salam Desert in Dubai. It is home to more than hundred species of birds including the migratory birds. There is as well a swan lake.

It is 30-45 minutes drive from town, the place is safe as this place is really designed for a camping and picnic. A police patrol is always on round to ensure it’s safety and place friendly as it is being known for a new relaxation place in Dubai for friends and family.

You will definitely enjoy the place and the bonding with your friends or Love one will be truly memorable and aside from that you will see again how beautiful our earth naturally. On the following day try to wake up and catch the sunrise a perfect way to start your day

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How to Go Location: