Laila De Lima Shameful Act gone Viral

When you Type “De Lima Scandal” it will link you to YouTube and it’s all over Internet. Do you believe that, the Senator have a shameful act video? Why people are so Interested to this and wanted to have a copy of it?  You can even have seen a lot of fake copy in the side walk in Metro Manila and other parts of the Philippines… Hmm!! It’s a good business..!!!Are they actually True???

Sandra Cam, president of the Whistle-blowers Association of the Philippines, warned that she will release the sex video of Former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima if the Commission on Appointment (CA) confirms her appointment. Reports said Cam claimed to receiving four cuts of De Lima’s shameful videos with his driver and body guard from an unknown source.

“I’m encouraging Secretary De Lima to file a libel case against me so I have the chance to bring the truth to court. I’m just waiting for the proper forum and the video tape,” said Cam who also said she already prepared herself from any counterattack of De Lima.” – Sandra Cam

Rep.Alvarez called the sex video the only material evidence to prove De Lima had a relationship with her purported lover, her former driver Ronnie Dayan, who inmates in the national penitentiary and a National Bureau of Investigation official said collected pay-offs for De Lima from the Bilibid drug trade.

Alvares Added: “Ipapalabas natin hindi dahil gusto natin panoorin. I-establish lang ‘yung katotohanan kung may relasyon o wala. Kasi ang sinasabing walang relasyon, eh paano mo ipo-prove kung may relasyon o wala. Ito eh, isa itong material para magpatunayan kung may relasyon o wala,”
(We are going to show it because we want to watch it. We will establish if there is any truth to claims that they are in a relationship. It has been denied before, but how do you prove it? This is the only material that can prove if they have a relationship or not.)

Alvarez said neither the law nor the House rules would be violated if the House justice committee allows the public viewing of the alleged shameful/immoral scandal.