I’m just Terminated from my Company of 11 years

A 31 years old man, married with no work. Just got terminated from my job of 11 years and 3 months (9 August 2018). Its crazy, I hard work for this job committed my life into it.

What was actually happen? Its April of 2018, my Boss the service manager went to Germany for FEBO/ Expo where all manufacturers, businessman gathered to promote their new product of fitness equipment. One Day he sent a whatsApp msg. Saying someone will be over seeing our department, so I asked him why? He told me that the owner has lost his trust to our Customer Service Manager and he added Just make sure that you do your job and look after the service, so I reply OK just follow whatever it is.

Several days later my manager, after expo from Germany went straight to his vacation thats 30 days. The Guy that my manager told me asked for a meeting. We finally meet him. His our Commercial manager.

My first impression to him was his smart, educated, and experienced man. We discussed lot of things like how to improve service, additional guys if require, admin lady to help the service, recommending us for training etc..etc. The meeting was about 2hrs. I said hmmp.., I like this guy and I will support him.

The storm started. Our customer service manager is not very cooperative, he let the works pending..and pending…and pending … till it’s become massive. I’m thinking, and started to doubt our commercial manager that he doesn’t care about service at all ‘coz he just let this man to pending all the jobs but not doing anything. So I finally decided that day to create an email account, anonymous to everyone, and complaint to the owner of the company. ..Again…and  again… and again. However, this guy that I told that I complaint was doing well after some time. This person have plan and I made mistakes.

Ops!. okay our service manager after he came back from vacation was no longer our in-charge, they found many issues about him as per senior managers and our customer service manager was also terminated because clients are started complaining him about those many pending jobs he just unattended, and one more staff was terminated as they told his salary is more to what his currently doing.

Our commercial manager, after our customer service manager was terminated. He asked me to take over his position. Position to handle the service responsibilities not the title … just to make it clear guys. To be honest it’s a headache. I worked hard in details, plans, by step and to make the story short I handle well our department. I want our department to recover from that disaster. However, I don’t know if its planed or what. Our commercial manager went on 15 days vacation.

We thought we’re doing well and everything are great. One morning, there is one person came to our office and said: I’m the new service manager. Everyone is at shocked looking each other faces asking what??…what is going on? is our commercial manager terminated too. No intro…it’s just came to us and his the in-charge. Everyone feel bad that day and very shocked asking why? It’s called no proper communication, and really its add up to my disappointment.

The new person in our department. He was working in sales for 6 months but on what we heard he was terminated and hired again to be the service manager. Our expectation to him are very different on what we see. He is in ‘ZERO’ knowledge at all. He put his position on his head immediately, started to act like a big boss and so on…everyone don’t like him but obviously, they can’t criticize. One day he came with our technician in one of our site and asked him to spray WD40(solvent to clean rusted materials…) on equipment because it’s a bit squeaky. The good thing is the technician did not follow our new manager otherwise we’re in big trouble later, and the next morning he dont like this technician who did not followed him. Now it’s me, he approached me for 30 minutes meeting.. we discussed a lot of nonsense like politics in his country, how he worked in his country, service plans which weird at all etc.., but there’s one thing that I totally disagreed with and he keep on insisting on me and he even willing to do it by himself, to lubricate the running belt of equipment with *silicon oil simply because its getting hot after being used, he also added that we can used the deck of the *treadmill 4 times to save cost to the customer and the company. What???? really… this is too much now, I really need to report this so again an email to my boss and ‘cc the owner, and The ending was nothing happen. I’m not sure if he was protected or the owner trusting him.

Trouble from my service manager did not end yet. He told me, that I’m always against on his decision, I need to be careful where to send my email and who to ‘cc, I need to think before sending mails to anyone, I need to follow him whatever he asked too, I need to initiate meeting every morning to the staff? really I think that his job. I came 6:45am to make sure everything is in perfect, while my manager arrived at 8:40am or more…can we have meeting on that? Everyone left the office for there sites and deliveries. Im so stress with him. Therefore, I decided again to send an email anonymously, complaining about the new service manager and other managers too. My last 3 emails was very straight forward no break at all and become very unprofessional according to my senior managers and to the owner.

They instantly suspecting me and keep denying it. However, I become exhausted in everything so I just admitted it. Till them that I feel sorry on what I’ve done. I should just keep quiet and let it be. Let this new manager do whatever he wanted and the other managers too. Thus just can’t explain why? I can’t hold myself but to expressed what i feel those time, and I did not follow my new manager because his decision I feel just not right. Maybe I’m too tired of what is going on for the past 3 months. I don’t know?

Now, Im terminated. I’m not sure what they telling the staff Now, but what to do. I even heard that I accuses other peoples of sending mails and because of that they starting to worry about their jobs too. I believed myself that I did the right thing in a wrong manner in a wrong place and time. I forgot that I’m just a normal staff and Im arguing with my superiors so for sure I will lost..hurt..and will asking for their forgiveness. Asking if they can bring me back to correct my mistakes, but I think it’s too late now.

The lesson here. What ever happen even your superiors is so stupid or moron don’t complaint them. Never send email anonymously or just don’t send anything, and keep quiet. It will just give them impression that you’re just against the company and won’t accept changes. Never provide feedback even they asked you to do so. I learned a lot from this mistakes.

Let me know your thoughts on me here guys. Thanks

* The running belt is pre-lubricated. Spray or flash with Silicon oil will damage the running belt and deck.