How to Unlock AT&T iPhone with Request In Progress By Other Party Status?

What if you get a rejection message that says it’s ‘Request In Progress By Other Party’ when trying to unlock your AT&T iPhone?

Over the past few months, AT&T is making it really difficult for people to unlock their AT&T iPhones. While it’s still possible, it’s getting more challenging for people who wish to switch carrier.

However, if you purchased an AT&T iPhone, either used or brand new, attempted to unlock it but got a message that says something like ‘Request in Progress by Other Party,’ you may be able to complete the unlock without any issue.

Firstly, please understand that AT&T will and unlock for you under the following circumstances:

The person requesting the unlock is a current AT&T customer or a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for their account. The iPhone was designed for use on AT&T’s network; all contract obligations, including any term commitment, associated with the device to be unlocked have been fully satisfied The iPhone has not been reported lost or stolen. Also, current customer accounts must be in good standing with no past-due amount or unpaid balance and has been active for at least sixty (60) days. Former customer account may be eligible for unlocking so long as they owe AT&T no Early Termination Fee or other unpaid balance.

AT&T will unlock an iPhone for an active and deployed member of the military who is a current AT&T customer in good standing and is able to provide AT&T with deployment verification; and for a person who purchased the iPhone from an authorized location at the ‘no commitment’ price and can provide proof of purchase. If you receive the following email which is the reason why you were brought into this article:

Unlock request number: XXXXXXXXX

Thank you for contacting AT&T about unlocking your mobile device.

Unfortunately, your unlock request was denied because:

Request in Progress by Other Party

Questions? Please call 800.331.0500, or dial 611 from your AT&T wireless phone.

or something like:

Looks like the device you want to unlock is active on another AT&T account. The owner has to remove it from their account first. Did we get that wrong? if you’re the owner, call 800.331.0500 or 611 from your mobile phone to confirm.

Just like the message says, there was probably an earlier attempt to unlock it but was denied for some reason. The status is stuck with that annoying message.

If for whatever reason you bought it used and able to contact the original owner, he or she may be able to help.

However, if you can’t get hold of the owner, you can still get it to be unlocked.

The only solution to unlock it is available here: Unlock AT&T iPhone with the status Request in Progress by Other Party.

The service only requires your AT&T iPhone’s 15-digit IMEI or ESN that can be found under Settings > General > About. There’s no need to ship your iPhone as it’s done remotely and securely.

Then a submission will be done to request for the unlock to be done on AT&T database.

You’ll then receive a notification to unlock within 3-10 work days but mostly are done within 3-5 work days.

The message will show on iTunes or on your device, you’ll be able to switch to any carrier worldwide.


So the best way to make sure that you can get your iPhone unlocked without any glitch is to check the device status on AT&T database first.