Grid-Tie Inverter



Did you know that you can make your Kilowatt Meter move Backward? Analog or Digital Meter will Do. In this blog I will show you how it works.

A year ago I started building the design thru the help of some engineers I meet online, and we started private forum to discuss the project. After six months of try and error we succeeded. I know that the “grid-tie inverter” has been made already., but our ideas on this project is to prove the theory of full conductive circuit will result for zero consumption.

Hence, the project is fully conductive circuit this consist mostly transformer, and we add some IC’s Transistor, Solid State Relay, Zener Diode, and resistor.

Before we proceed, Please take precaution or if it is your first time do it with someone that having electronics or electrical background. I am not responsible for any damage may causes. This for educational purpose only. I would suggest before you start building this project do some more research or if you’re not sure… just don’t do it.

Now here is the circuit diagram;



* I only have very small amount of feed that’s why it’s move slowly…the more you feed power–by means of watts the faster it moves backward.


1. Big Transformer 5kva [Secondary 110-0-110],[Primary 6-0-6, or 12-0-12]

2. 4Nos. Transformer 1Amp [Primary 0-220][secodanry 0-11]

3. 4Nos. of IGBT Transistor[ I’m not going to give specs. Do some math.

4. 4Nos. 1/2 watts resistor [ i used 1k, but do some math] 1k works for me :).

5. 8Nos. Zener Diode 15dcv/1watt

6. C1(100uf/450DC) for Secondary Capacitor and the coils are line filter

* Don’t operate the grid tie without secondary supply the Input DC come from Solar, Windmill…etc