First girl robot with real emotions

The future keeps coming at us like big wave from Asteroid, and real Doll CEO Mcmullen says emotional robot are riding the crest of that wave.

Mcmullen also revealed that he will introduce the first artificial intelligent robot in April this year, one of which is human lovers will be able to develop an authentic connection like human.

Emotional connections are the foundations of relationships ant that’s what we are stimulating. Macmullen said, and it’s emotions which add the x-factor to happeness. I think the two people can meet in a bar, have chat the same night and not remember each others names and say, ‘well that was fun.”

People crave a deeper connection, – with the new robots he claims to have in store, users can facilitate that connection with a special app that can be used on phones, tablets, and computers at home. The App will coordinate with the robot to provide an even more authentic experience like human partner.

Latest Real Doll will be witty and unpredictable and will come with a wide variety of personalities, including sexual, kind, shy, friendly, naive and intellectual. Users will be able to tweak these qualities as they please.

McMullen first spoke of these leveled-up, more realistic sex machines back in October. At that tome, he stated they will cost somewhere $15,000 US Dollar.

These robots won’t be able to accompany you to movies, or dinner necessarily, but they also probably won’t tell you when your Golf shirt is looking too tight.

So if they’re what you’ve been waiting for, Cancel your Holiday and Start Saving… April is just few months away.