According to research, people tends to share fewer details about marital issues, debt or drudgery of their ironing pile than they do about great nights out with friends or shiny new car increasingly hard to be yourself. when you post anything, you think of the majority of the people on your page and try to appeal to them, yet people have online friends and connections from different cultures and backgrounds, old school friends, new colleagues, friends from distinct groups and you have to think carefully about what you share with whom.

It can be hard for people to stop comparing their apparently dull, routine lives with those of their online friends but a quick reality check reminds us that everyone always post about the extraordinary events in their lives rather than the mundane everyday things.

One inadvertently upsetting feature of social media, which can leave people feeling depressed, is the huge amount of good cause material shared online. While posting is aimed at raising the profile of these important issues, it can be very distressing to read such sensitive material yet we found ourselves drawn to it and platforms monitor the nature of material you access and put more of the same in front of us.

Sometimes we go online for positive coming back for more.

I will sometimes reflect on my day/mood when i see a picture that gives the impression someone else is having a great day, but that’s all it is an impression it is no way a certain reality. I do have to check myself when I am with teens or kids that my attention is not taken from them too often or in negative way due to the fact I am looking at the friends holiday pictures on facebook!

A. L thought she would enjoy at least one constantly online, half in the conversation and half with her facebook friends telling them what she doing. Social media can actually be quite Anti-Social.

Some social media platforms have already implemented measures aimed at directing people to resources to tackle feelings of stress and depression.

For example, when a person searches the blog site tumblr for tags indicating references to a mental health crisis – such as ‘depressed’ or suicidal – they are redirected toa message that begins with ” Everything OK? and provided with links to helplines and other relevant advice.

Facebook has tested a feature that allow as friends to anonymously report worrying post (actually not true-i tested this my self and they also message the person ). The posters would then receive pop up messages expressing concern, encouraging them to seek help.

So next time you coo ver a cute baby or animal image and click to comment on yet another inspirational update, spare a thought for those who might not share your enthusiasm, Stay real!