Establishment in Armenia Tourist Guide

Night life in this country is very open, including casino…but i don’t do gambling. Liquor and wine are very cheap too plus the food.


Restaurant – This is a Chinese restaurant, Anyway food and restaurant here are Delicious that only i would say so do not worry about it.


Armenian Restaurant – Foods are good here too…Try it


Petrol Station – Incase you’re Planning to rent a car for your Stay..They have two type the LPGas and Gasoline.


They Have HSBC and other major Banks … and ATMs are everywhere. However, If your planning to travel to this country make sure your pocket money are already converted to US Dollar as you cant exchange your money to Dram inside the Airport. Outside is no problem… you just need to go to any exchange est. and no problem.


Phone Booth Are everywhere in the City encase you need them., but you cant find them in the provinces so better to buy  sim card with Data. The Sim Card will cost you 1500 AMD including 1GB of data and 1500 minutes of local call. 1500AMD is very cheap its actually like free…especially if your using dollar or Euro…so don’t mind the thousands of zero…


Travel Agency in City Proper..


Grocery Store in Armenia