Energy Cheaper Solar Panel that Follow the Sun

simple-solar-power-generator-setup  A solar panel that follows the sun throughout the day makes sense. Building that solar panel out of several thousands of dollars’ worth of parts that can’t withstand weather does not. In 2011,  Leila Madrone and Saul Griffith of the San Francisco– based company Sunfolding decided to reinvent the mechanism that allows a photovoltaic cell to move with the sun. They simplified the system, replacing expensive and unreliable parts with mass-produced polymers. Instead of hundreds of gears, motors, wires, and bearings, Sunfolding trackers move using compressed air pistons, which have no wear surfaces. Even if the new parts break, which happens much less frequently, theyare cheap to replace. In 2015, the California Energy Commission awarded Sunfolding a $1 million grant to build panels capable of handling 300 kilowatts. You’ll see them on rooftops by the end of this year.

Figure 1: Is a Diagram(with solar Panel,controller, battery and inverter) how the Solar Panel Works. However, some Student used the basic principle to make the panel follow the sun using the basic and simple techniques which i believe efficient if it is for personal used only.