Razor Blade Commercial seems too much

Commercials that gone to Far, Funny, and Attractive

What would you think/do if this kind of commercials appear in your TV Screen,or publish in newspaper/magazine, would you like it? Share your Thoughts.

Body with Milk – Taylor Swift, (Got a milk)


This is how milk Advertise in Finland. What is in your Country..?


An Israeli Model and a Soldier. Don’t ever mess with her, you know what will happen to you!



Kia commercial. I just don’t get what the hamster do?


Kenzo world Advertisement..I just don’t get it?


Mr. Clean Commercial get too much clean make this lady attracted to him


This Peta Commercial gone too Far


Razor Blade Commercial. What would you say about this one?


Respect the Chicks, Telling the Roaster..