Baby Tricopter Kit

RC Explorer Just Launched a new tricopter, which is like a racing tricopter. He called it,

BabyTricopter16The Baby tricopter frame is made from 3mm thick matte twill carbon fiber, which makes it extremely stiff and crazy durable. The unibody design means a lot less screws, which saves weight and reduces complexity. Rather than weakening the main frame by cutting big slits for a battery strap, a separate 2mm thick bottom battery plate is used. This also allows you to easily adjust the center of gravity to get the optimal flight performance even when using heavy cameras mounted all the way forward on the top plate. You can also use 2 battery straps on the battery if you wanted to strap it down hard.

The 2mm thick top plate has multiple slits cut for fitting a wide range of cameras, such as a GoPro or a Runcam 2. There is also a hole for mounting the SMA connector from your video transmitter. This this greatly reduces the load on your video transmitter during a crash. The top plate has slits for 2 zip ties which are used as receiver antenna mounts. Just slip some heatshrink over the antenna and zip tie and you have a flexible antenna mount that is practically indestructible. These slits are mounted at a 45° angle to reduce the risk of the antenna getting caught in the back prop during a crash.

The baby tricopter uses the standard 30.5mm hole distance for mounting which fits majority of flight controllers available on the market today. Speaking of flight controllers,He have designed controller to be the perfect match for the Baby Tricopter. This low cost flight controller is running an F3 processor and has dedicated ports for the servo feedback wire found on our custom servo, which improves the tail performance vastly.

To make wiring simple and clean he also designed a 30.5mm hole spacing power distribution board. This board has a built in current sensor to give you the the ability to over telemetry, or display on OSD or log, the current draw of your setup and the most awesome thing, mAh used out of the battery. This is by far the most accurate way of measuring how much juice is actually left in your battery instead of relying on the voltage, which greatly varies depending on the battery pack you’re using.

This kit INCLUDES the F3FC Racing flight controller and Power distribution board.

The Baby Tricopter uses 30mm standoffs to keep the frame as low profile as possible. This keeps the center of mass closer to the centerline of the thrust, giving better staV3ElectronicsKit1-copy-760x515bility and flip/roll performance. It also looks super cool.

The solution for mounting the FPV camera is very simple and straight forward. A recess is cut in the front of the frame to fit the aluminium bracket that comes with HS1177/Runcam swift type cameras. This recess keeps the camera from twisting, which is super annoying and pretty much made the aluminium bracket useless on other frames. This solution is the lightest solution and least complex we’ve tested and it works great.
The Baby Tricopter uses the same indestructible tilt mechanism as the MINI and V4 tricopter. It’s mounted using zip ties, which acts as “mechanical fuses” to help protect the servo and motor in a hard crash.

Included in the kit is a 140mm long crescent shaped diamond file so that you can smooth the edges of the carbon fiber if you wish to do so. This reduces the chance of a battery strap or zip-tie snapping and it makes the edges smoother and feel nicer to the touch.

The setup procedure of this copter is the same as F3FC tricopter frame  it just uses a different set of PID’s and tail parameters. (PID’s will be posted very soon)

It’s highly recommended to use the baby tricopter kit with the supplied PID’s as it can be quite difficult to get the parameters perfect on this small frame. Especially the tail.

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