Apple to change faulty batteries in 80,000+ iphone 6s devices

Recently, a sudden shutdown and drastic drain in power experienced in some handsets. At first people believing that it might be a software issued that makes their iPhone sudden shutdown.

How to Check?

To determine whether the battery needs to replaced, customers can visit a service center near by your area or use the link! Here.

The big company Apple is replacing defective batteries in 88,000+ 6s iPhone in the middle east. According to apple only those manufactured between September and October 2015 in china will be covered. The phone which having this problem is only specific to iPhone 6s on those months.

Some customers have experienced a sudden shutdown when the battery drops to between 50 to 60 percent and sometimes the battery drains after each call. If you found this issue, kindly use the serial number checker to check if your unit is eligible for battery replacement, free of charge. The batteries are lithium-ion , which have faced a growing number of problems over the past year.