15 ways you’re damaging your eyesight and How to avoid them?

1. Staring at gadget screens for too long – so ending hours in front of your computer, smartphone or tablet screen can lead to dry eyes.

2. Watching TV at night – Doing so can strain your eyes and cause redness and dryness due to rapidly changing level of light

3. Sleeping in contact-lenses – This bad habit can increase your risk of infection that can even lead to permanent eye damage.

4. Rubbing your eyes – vigorous rubbing can break the blood vessels under your eyelids. Alternatively, try using a cold compress to soothe irritation.

5. Overusing Eye drops – using eye drops too often could lead to irritation. Nonprescription eye drops don’t improve the eye health but only alleviate dry eyes temporarily and make it appear less red.

6. Eating unhealthy Diet –  eat fruits and vegetables with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, Omega 3 fatty acids. Include oils, nuts, whole grains, leafy greens, and fish for an optimum eye health

Overweight woman eating fast food.
Healthy Food Vs. Unhealthy for your Eyes

7. Misusing eye makeup – apply makeup away from your lashline to lessen the building of eye infections. Get rid of eye makeup after three months to avoid any bacteria to grow.

8. Not getting enough Sleep – sleep disruptions can cause dry eyes blurry vision aches and pains or twitching.

9. Not Using Safety Goggles – Avoid eye injuries and exposure to chemicals in cleaning products, hot grease, oil spatters, home projects, or hot styling tools near your eyes by wearing safety goggles.

10. Smoking – Aside from damaging your eye tissue, smoking can also lead to muscular degeneration.

11. Not Drinking enough Water – Hydration helps in keeping your eyes well lubricated, its also important for tear production.

12. Reading or Writing at night in poor lighting – make sure that you read or write in a well lit room to avoid eyestrain.

13. Reading in a moving vehicle – doing so will strain and extend your eyes, making it difficult to focus properly. It can also cause motion sickness and headache.

14. Not Visiting your Eye Doctor Regularly –  your doctor can detect serious eye problems before they get worse. They can also significantly improve your vision.

15. Forgetting to wear your eyeglasses and sunglasses – even your eyes could get a sunburn, so block those harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses or eye glasses. Eyewear in tropical places like the Philippines area must have.